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The Great Depression

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I was the lead developer for this project. Some of it was developed by other developers and I integrated their components into this project. This Learning Object was originally developed by another developer. My brief was to fix several bugs and also implement a glossary tool and word game into it. Due to backward compatiblitly issues and the severity of some of the bugs, I rebuilt this entire project from scratch in 2008. Click here to launch this Flash object in new window.


The main reason for rebuilding this Learning Object from scratch was because the glossary tool required ActionScript code that is only available to Flash Objects published for Flash Player 7 or higher. The original version was created for Flash Player 6 and did not work correctly when compiled for Flash Player 7 or higher. It would have been a bigger task to debug the original source code than rebuild it from scratch.

I developed the prototype for the glossary tool in 2007 and it was then given to another delevloper to turn it into a template. It was then given back to me to apply to this project. The glossary tool was designed so that it could be added on to existing Learning Objects. Basically the way it works is that all the glossary words are stored in an XML file. Text throughout the Leraning Object is searched and the glossary words are turned into buttons that then launch the glossary popup window. The main complication is that is needed to be keyboard accessible. Finding where each glossary word appears on the screen required quite a complicated process.

One of the other complicated sections of this Learning Object worth mentioning is the storyboard section (shown in the thumbnail image above). This is one part that was not working properly in the original version. When the user drags each storyboard image into a new position, the other images animate to their new positions. This Learning Object is also completelty keyboard accessible.

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