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Electromagnetism: electromagnet basics

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This is the first part of a three part series of "Widgets" that I created for The Learning Federation. The only parts of this project that I did not create myself are some of the graphics such as the magnet character and the sound effects. This series demonstrates my first professional development in AS3. Click here to launch this Flash object in new window.


Some of the difficulties I found when moving from AS2 to AS3 included replicating mouse button states for keyboard accessability focus management, but overall I was pretty well prepared for the cross over and found many more benefits than difficulties working in AS3. There is nothing particularly complicated in this object. The most complicated work was in the second Widget. The main issue I had when creating this Widget was that AS3 behaves differently when sending the playhead to different timeline frames. Going to a new frame in one Movieclip, effects the playhead position in other MoiveClips. So I had to change the way I created buttons and multiple timeline animations. More of a learning experience than an issue.

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